SLA32 PCR Extraction System

Fully Automated Bench Top or Standalone Biochemistry Analyser with up to 310 tests/hour performance. A solution that keeps your lab progressing forward.


SLA-32 is a magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction systems, fully automated, can process to 32 samples simultaneously within a short period of time (40 to 60 min), to obtain high purity nucleic acid. The instrument easy operation eliminates the risk of human error and cross-contamination, replacing traditional centrifuge method.

  • Features

      • -The coefficient of variation of nucleic acid extraction concentration is less than 5%
        -High consistency
        -Pre-Filled Plate of TANBead Blood DNA Auto Kit Experimental results


    Model SLA-32
    Run Time 45 – 60 mins
    Samples per run 1 – 32 samples
    Weight 19 kg
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 38x31x31 (cm)
    Power Supply 500 mA, 100 – 240V
    Processing volume 50 – 1000 µl
    Magnetic Rod >4300 gauss
    Temp control 1 set
    Heating Block Yes (2 pcs)
    Heating RT-70°C
    UV Lamp Yes
    Display LCM


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