NeoChem30 – Chemistry Analyzer

Fully Automated Bench Top or Standalone Biochemistry Analyser with up to 310 tests/hour performance. A solution that keeps your lab progressing forward.




NeoChem 30 is a flexible system for both routine and special chemistry workloads. On-board capacity of 71 samples and 60 reagents and throughput of up to 310 tests per hour. For analysis of serum, plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), hemolysate and whole blood. It is equipped with one pipetting arm for reagent and another one for samples with stirrer (mixer) on board. Highly intelligent software can manage up to 20 virtual sample trays, so that 1080 samples can be edited simultaneously.  This powerful machine enhances laboratory productivity and provides the user with great reliability in clinical results.

Technical specification

Testing speed Up to 310 test/hour
Assay method End Point2-Point End Point,  Rate (Kinetic method)2-Point Rate
Bichromatic, Blank (Reagent & Sample Blank), Immunoturbidimetry
Calibration mode         Linear calibration:  Single point,  Multiple point  ( up to 8 point)
Non-linear calibration:  Logit-Log 4P,  Logit-Log 5P,  Line Graph,
Exponential 5P, Weibull,  Spline.
Reagent tray 60 position (30 x 20 ml and 30 x 50 ml bottles on removable tray)
Reagent volume Range 5 – 500 µl  in 0,5 µl step / dedicated reagent arm
Sample tray 71 Positions for tubes or sample cups, includes routine samples,
standard, QC and STAT samples
Sample volume Range  2 – 100 µl   in 0,1 µl step / dedicated sample arm
Reaction tray 120 reusable plastic cuvettes in 6 segments (7 mm optical path)
Reaction volume 150 – 900 µl
Reaction temperature 37 ± 0,1 ℃
Reagent  temperature From 2 – 8 ℃
Photometer 10 wavelengths: 340, 405, 450, 492, 510, 546, 578, 630, 700, 800 nm
Static array spectrophotometric system with high resolution filters
Abs linearity From -0,5 Abs up to 6,0 Abs with resolution 0,0001 Abs
Wavelength accuracy  ± 1 nm
Light source 12V / 20W long life halogen lamp
Interface RS232 (instrument-PC),   LIS supported
Water consumption Up to 6 lit/hour
Alarms Distilled water empty”,  “Detergent empty”  and  “Waste full
QC Rules Multi QC function. For every test up to 3 different QC materijal
Other features On-board mixer, Low water consumption, Automatic cuvette detection and selection, Minimal maintenance.
Monitoring instrument status in real time, remaining volume of reagents, reaction curve, results…
Dimensions 730 x 890 x 1120 mm (WxDxH),  weight 83 kg


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