Neo Cube – Dry Chemistry Analyzer

The analyzer is simple to operate, fast and accurate. All steps are automated, and you can quickly get reliable blood results in just three easy steps.

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NeoChem 25 is a small portable automated chemistry analyzer whose mission is to provide fast and accurate chemistry analysis at an affordable price.

  • Quick & Accurate Diagnosis
  • Blood Tests in just three easy steps
  • No Maintenance, easy to use in mobile areas and on the field
  • Tests up to 25 parameters
  • Test results in 12 minutes
  • Simple to operate
  • Portable and Modern Design

Main Advantages


Only 0.1 ml of whole blood, serum or plasma is needed for complete testing.


This small chemistry analyzer weight just 5kg. It has a modern and portable design, which saves your space and can be used anywhere and anytime.


The instrument does not have the traditional biochemical analyzer pump, piping, valve, cleaning and other consumables. The only consumable is the printing paper.


The Neo-Cube analyzer use a photoelectric colorimetric principle which has many advantages in comparison to traditional biochemical analyzers with the light reflection method.

Dilution of test samples is guaranteed without random errors and cross-contamination.

Intelligent real-time quality control system (IRQC)

The built-in QC system checks the instrument, reagent plate and sample validity before each test and monitors it in real time throughout the test to maximize the accuracy of the test.


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