bScope fluorescence

The bScope® microscope for fluorescence microscopy comes in two versions. One version is equipped with four monochromatic LEDs and the second version is equipped with a traditional 100 W mercury vapor light source for a larger excitation light spectrum

The microscopes are supplied with routine fluorescence filter sets and dichroic mirrors for excitation in the blue, green, violet and ultraviolet spectral regions



The BlueLine flagship BioBlue.Lab is an instrument that precisely matches highest expectations of microscopy users. These ergonomic easy-to-use microscopes have specifically been designed for educational and laboratory applications. The 150 x 140 mm stage with integrated rackless X-Y mechanical stage with 75 x 30 mm travel, provides a smooth translation of the specimen and highly precise positioning which is highky appreciated in most demanding cytology and histopathology applications

The BioBlue.Lab microscope models offer great functionality and are equipped with WF10x/20 mm eyepieces, plan and IOS plan 4x/ 10x/ S40x/ S100x objectives or plan phase and IOS plan phase contrast objectives 10x / 20x / S40x / S100x. All models are equipped with NeoLED illumination system and are available in binocular and trinocular versions


  • Binocular and trinocular models
  • Reversed quadruple nosepiece
  • Plan and plan phase objectives
  • Finity and infinity optical system
  • Integrated mechanical stage
  • NeoLED™ illumination
  • Ergonomic carrying grip


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