BiossaysTM 240 Plus

Constant 240 tests/hour, one of the fastest small size biochemistry systems
100 µL minimum reaction volume
Low water consumption ( 2.0-3.0 L/H )
Close system and open system is optional
High efficient washing station for cuvettes
Random access, continuous loading
Incorporated with liquid level sensor, volume tracking, collision detection and clot detection
24 hours refrigeration system with separate switch
Unlimited STAT position
16 wavelengths range from 340 nm-800 nm
Automatic cuvette wash & cell blank check
Real-time reagent levels monitoring, displaying and alerting function



● Throughput: Constant 240 tests/hour
● 24 hours ready to use


Sample Module
● Up to 90 sample positions can be loaded continuously on sample disk with barcode recognition
● Micropipette technology, sample volume per test can be reduced to 2.0 μL
● Batch, Random access, STAT channel available

Reagent Handing
● Reagent disk has up to 90 reagent positions, temperature 2℃-12℃, with reagent barcode reader
● Reagent inventory real-time detection, display the remaining number of tests
● Automatic reagent replace function, applied to examination system for mass inspection

Photometry System
● Holographic concavity flat field grating, rear spectroscopy technology
● Wavelength range: 340-800 nm, simultaneously on the 16 wavelengths for detection
● Stable optical path detection system, wide absorbance linear range, high resolution ratio

Constant Temperature System
● 80 reaction cups totally
● Constant temperature by solid phase system, makes temperature stable
● Real-time temperature monitoring, displaying and alerting function

Operating System
● Full monitoring, flexibility and convenience, touch screen
● LIS interface, via ethernet, bidirectional communication


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