Biossays BC1200

Feature: Throughput: 600T/H (Photometric), 600 T/H (ISE Module)

Specification Type of System ● Automated discrete, STAT priority

Throughput ● 600T/H (Photometric), 600 T/H (ISE Module)

Measuring principle ● Endpoint, rate, fixed-time ● Colorimetry,turbidimetry,ion-selective electrode technology

Sample handling ●115 sample positions,continuous loading,support polytype primary tube& microcontainer cup Reagent handling ● 2 disks, 90 positions,refrigerated with independent power switch, continuous loading

Sample volume ● 2 μL-35μL, 0.1μL stepping Reagent volume ● 20 μL-350μL,1μL stepping

Reaction volume ● Minimal reaction volume as low as 150 μL Reaction cuvette ● 120,optical diameter is 6 mm

Reaction temperature ● 37℃±0.1℃ Light source ● Halogen lamp, lifespan up to 2500 hours

Wavelength ● 340nm,380nm,405nm,480nm,505nm,546nm,570nm,600nm,630nm,660nm, 700nm,720nm,750nm,780nm,800nm

Water consumption ● Deionized water 16 liter/hour Dimensions ● 1220mm*800mm*1150mm Weight ● 230Kg



Biossays BC1200 automatic biochemistry system designed with such highly customized options and outstanding performance can always provide a final solution to customers.
Biossays BC1200 analyzer consolidates both biochemistry and electrolyte testing on a single system, with the throughput of 600 T/H and 300 T/H respectively, together with assorted reagents, can help the operator to get accurate and reliable results more efficiently


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