CME in in-depth interpretation of ESfEQA Results and RCA

Keton consulting team led by the C.E.O Antony Jaccodul and Haroun Ayub conducted CME’s in the Western region with the topics of discussion being an in-depth interpretation of ESfEQA results and Root Cause Analysis process.

This activity attracted the medical laboratory fraternity in the Western region having the CMEs conducted at St. Mary’s Mumias Hospital on the 5th November 2019 from 7:00 a.m to 9:30 a.m, another session at Bungoma County Hospital from 3:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m which had participants from the host lab and guests from Bungoma West Hospital and the last session held at Kakamega County Hospital.

The main theme of the CME’s was Quality is not a myth but an intentional journey to change the status quo.

The presentations touched on the calculations and statistical analysis of the report, how to interpret and read the reported graphs, what to look for in the report when analyzing the report and understanding the report page by page. The CME’s went well with positive and an indulging conversation about maintaining quality and how to troubleshoot for errors during the reporting and performance of a Root Cause Analysis process.

Up to 60 participants attended the training sessions and discussed with the Keton on how to improve quality in their laboratories. Their queries were handled effectively and everyone left knowledgeable and able to understand their EQA reports well.

Light moments with the staff were shared during refreshments break and after the training was done and this facilitated further discussions and the opportunity to learn about Keton’s products and services. Keton’s array of products and materials were displayed and explained to the clients on their importance need in the laboratory set up. This included taking the laboratory personnel through the ESfEQA process, Keton Hematology and Clinical Chemistry Third Party Controls, Method Validation Controls, Linearity and precision materials, award-winning Euromex microscopes, Vitassay Fecal testing kits, training and learning courses offered by Keton Consulting.


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